Blackbird Pedalboard 1530HC Pedalboard and ATA Case


15×30 Pedalboard and ATA Case

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Blackbird Pedalboard 1530HC

Blackbird Pedalboard 1530HC

The Blackbird Pedalboard 1530HC is the ultimate pedalboard and case combo for the gigging musician. The pedalboard is an often overlooked but important part of any musicians rig. Who said it has to look boring? Tolex is a musician proven material that can put up with the bumps, spills and abuses of frequent gigging. Blackbird Pedalboards use the same quality amplifier tolex used by amp builders. This allows you to match your Blackbird Pedalboard 1530HC to your favorite cabinet or ampifier. Best of all your Blackbird Pedalboard will stand out on stage, in the studio or even at home.

Every Blackbird pedalboard comes standard with 2 black solderless 1/4″ jacks. The solderless 1/4″ jacks provide an easy access point to the boards input and out, making setup and breakdown a breeze. They also eliminate the ware and tare on your pedals jacks from constant plugging. The solderless design ensures anyone can get their board wired up right out of the box.

The carpet top allows you to use the entire board service to Velcro your pedals anywhere you want. Want to power your board? Add one of our optional AC Inlets and replace the side grommet for easy power access to your mounted power supply.

The ATA case is perfect for the gigging musician. 3/8″ thick plywood with a completely foam lined interior ensures your pedalboard will arrive safe whether in a trunk, trailer or on a plane.  Just remove the top and still access your jacks on the side. Each 1530 ATA case comes with built in wheels and side handle to help you easily transport your pedalboard to and from gigs.

  • Overall board dimensions: 30 x 15
  • Holds up to 12 pedals
  • Your Choice of Tolex
  • 2 Solderless 1/4″ Jacks
  • Side Grommet
  • 3/8″ Live in ATA Case with built in Wheels and Side Handle
  • Roll of Velcro
  • Optional AC Inlet

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Black, Tweed, Red, White, Fawn, Western

Board Options

Standard, Add AC Inlet